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Social Media and Perpetuation of Violence against Women in Nigeria: The Case of Facing Death on Facebook

A N Nwammuo


In recent years, criminals who invade and negatively use the opportunities offered by the internet and the World Wide Web, seem to be removing smiles off the faces of many Nigerian women. Social media forms due to their high interactivity, are used to perpetuate violence against women. Facebook remains the most commonly used one. The case of Cynthia Osukogu provides basis for this assertion. Violence against women through facebook manifests in many forms ranging from the use of words, photographs and physical injury resulting to the death of many women. This paper examines the documented cases of violence against women through facebook using the analytical discussion method. It concludes that such violence has led to emotional, psychological and physical torture of Nigerian women. It however recommends that caution should be the watch word of women, especially young girls who access facebook and other social media forms.

Keywords: Social Media, Violence against Women, Nigerian Women, Facebook.