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An Assessment of the Mass Media as Tools for Promoting Girl-Child Education in Jos Metropolis

E S Asemah
L O Edegoh
E Olumuji


The paper appraises the role of the media in the promotion of girl-child education in Jos metropolis. The survey research method was adopted, using questionnaire as an instrument to elicit information from the respondents. Findings from the analysis of the data gathered show that several factors act as hindrances to girl-child education in Jos metropolis. Such factors among others include: poverty, sexual violence, sexual abuse, culture and religion. Findings further revealed that girl-child education is poor in Jos Metropolitan Local Government Areas. More so, findings show that the media have been used to promote girl- child education in Jos metropolis, but the extent to which they are used is minimal. Based on the above findings, the paper concludes that girl-child education is not given due recognition in Jos Metropolitan Local Government Areas and that the media, which are the agents of social change, have not fared well in creating awareness about girl- child education and that the extent to which girl-child education is embraced in Jos Metropolitan Local Government Areas is poor. It therefore recommends among others that, the government needs to make laws that will prohibit early marriage, which mostly affect the female folk. The society generally should create avenue to empower parents to enable them send their children to school and also empower the children to sue their parents against any infringement on their fundamental human rights, especially the girl-child. And most importantly, the media in Jos metropolitan local government areas should endeavour to pay serious attention to campaigns that will promote girl-child education. The media of mass communication, whether print or electronic, should be massively used to promote girl-child education, not only in Jos metropolis, but in the entire country.

Keywords: Mass Media, Girl Child, Education and Attitudinal Change