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Advocating Orchestration amongst RSUST Freshmen

IE Ngulube


One of the most neglect language skills in the university system in Nigerian is listening; everybody assumes that this skill is innate and therefore every new-intake knows how to listen. My experience in the Nigerian classroom indicates otherwise. The new and even the returning students have no clue on how to listen and the micro-skills that enable one to listen properly. Here, I plan to explain systematically what is listening? Secondly, I follow this up with the unique features of listening, after which I outline and discuss the various models of listening. Thirdly, I examine types of listening and the processes of listening. A number of listening skills have been proffered in most learned journals of the world; I examine these skills and see how applicable they are to the Nigerian classroom situation. And finally I concentrate on listening strategies. I hope the treatment adopted here will help improve the quality of lecture delivery and understanding on the part of the undergraduate and graduate students alike

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