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What Is Postcolonial Intellection to Us: A White Scarecrow in the Field?

O Gomba


Given that postcolonial theory has come to meet a chequered reception in many postcolonial locations, particularly in Africa, it has become imperative that we examine a number of arguments for and against the theory. In the Babel of Voices that has been stirred by this theory, there are still scholars who posit that postcolonialism is a highly relevant theoretical framework for the discursive and historical tenor of African literature. They have argued that the postcoloniality of the African experience falls within the ambit of the theory. This essay supports postcolonialism by canvassing for its proper application. A proper application will be that which respects both the integrity of literary texts and the density of history in the texts.

Keywords: Postcolonialism, Postcoloniality, Postcolonial Theory and Africa.