AFRREV LALIGENS: An International Journal of Language, Literature and Gender Studies

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Women, Children and the Environment: The Use of Folktales in Managing Climate Change

CI Sanusi


Environmental issues are global problems that continue to get the attention of every well meaning person. Different world communities are experiencing their different ‘shares’ of environmental challenge. Various debates are held at conferences, in publications and interviews. The challenge necessitates an inter-disciplinary collaboration and everybody, including women and children, should be involved on how best we can manage our environment properly. Since children are used by their parents, especially mothers, in many communities as agents of environmental destruction through destruction of shrubs and trees in search of fire wood, and deposition of refuse into gutters, water sources and ways. Therefore, proper sensitization of children in home is important. Mothers can sensitize the children through folktale narration session which entails narration of relevant folktales at home during relaxation and children are shown the causes and effects of environmental degradation. The children can be used as agents of change in their various families and communities. Consequently, the world becomes a better place for human, animal and plant habitation.

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