Behavioural Examination of Activism: Nigerian Women and Preparedness for Accompanying Social Change of Gender Equality

  • Eesuola Olukayode Segun


In this paper, we examine the attitudes and behaviour of some women and gender activists to the social change that may result from gender equality when, and if it is achieved. Since it started in the 19th century, gender activism has always focused on the issue of equality between the genders, to the extent that the society eliminates all policies and practices that have, hitherto, prevented the women from operating at the same level with men. The aspiration of gender activists is that when this occurs, women will play all the roles that men play without restrictions, but, as this study reveals through quantitative inquiry, not many women, even the hardliners of gender activism think of, let alone want to bear the social changes that may result from gender equality. This promises to shift the focus of the debate of gender activism as well as feminism.

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eISSN: 2227-5460
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