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What French for Gabonese French lexicography?

Blanche Nyangone Assam, Hugues Steve Ndinga-Koumba-Binza, Virginie Ompoussa


This paper is a response to Mavoungou (2013a) who has pleaded for the production of a dictionary of Gabonese French as variant B of the French language. The paper intends to com-prehend the concept of "Gabonese French". It gives an outline of the situation of French within the language diversity of Gabon as a contribution to the theoretical perspective toward the inception of Gabonese French lexicography. Answers are given to the following questions: What French is described in existing Gabonese French studies? What French is and should be presented in Gabonese French dictionary production?

 Keywords: Gabonese Lexicography — French — Gabonese Languages — Language Diversity — Dictionaries
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