L.T. Marole: A Forgotten Pioneer in Tshivend√a Lexicography

  • M J Mafela


Abstract: L.T. Marole is a pioneer in Tshivend√a lexicography. He is especially known for the compilation of word lists and phrase books. Through his production of these lexicographic works, Marole has preserved some Tshivend√a terminology which is now regarded as obsolete; for example, terminology regarding names of animals, parts of the body, kinship relations and sicknesses. This type of terminology could be useful to the present younger generation. Readers may learn much about Tshivend√a culture from Marole's works. However, his works have not received recognition from Vhavend√a dictionary users and compilers. The public is largely unaware of his works. This article aims at making the public aware of Marole's contribution to the development of Tshivend√a lexicography, emphasising that this contribution should not be ignored as being insignificant. Keywords: LEXICOGRAPHY, TRANSLATING DICTIONARY, BILINGUAL DICTIONARY, LINGUISTICS, TERMINOLOGY, LEXICAL ENTRY, EQUIVALENT, TRANSLATOR, CULTURE, KINSHIP TERMS, ORTHOGRAPHY, CONTEXT, DATABASE, DIALECT

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eISSN: 2224-0039
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