On Issues of Labelling in the "Dictionnaire Français–Mpongwé": A Case-study

  • P.A Mavoungou


Dictionaries contain lexicographic data whose occurrence is restricted to certain geo-graphical areas, subject fields, professions, etc. It is part of the duties of the lexicographer to give an account of such deviations to ensure a successful retrieval of the information on the part of the user. This contribution presents a discussion on labelling issues in the Dictionnaire Français–Mpongwé. Although the main focus is on the presentation of different types of labelling as well as problems in labelling, textual condensation procedures and mediostructural representations (to-gether with some aspects of the user perspective) are also critically evaluated. It is shown that these procedures reveal some inconsistencies which are not accounted for in the outer texts (front matter and back matter texts) of the dictionary. Finally suggestions are made for the improvement of the access structure of this dictionary. Keywords: labels, textual condensation, mediostructural representa-tion, access structure, borrowing, outer texts, front matter, back mat-ter, user profile, metalexicography

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2224-0039
print ISSN: 1684-4904