Access Routes of Internet Finance Dictionaries: Present Solutions and Future Opportunities

  • DA Kwary


Lexicographers working on finance dictionaries have not properly exploited the fast development of the Internet. This is revealed by the poor utilization of the access routes found in current Internet finance dictionaries. Consequently, users cannot effectively and efficiently find answers to their lexicographical problems. Firstly, there are Internet finance dictionaries which lack technological features and can simply be called meagre Internet dictionaries. Secondly, there are Internet finance dictionaries which utilize so many technological features that users incur high lexicographical information costs. In order to create better access routes, a sound theoretical foundation has to be established. This article shows that the implementation of the modern theory of lexicographical functions, which focuses on the users, results in a better design for future Internet finance dictionaries. With the proper theoretical basis, lexicographers will be able to create state-ofthe-art dictionaries that can provide effective and efficient solutions to lexicographical problems. Keywords: Dictionary, Paper Dictionary, Internet Dictionary, Lsp Dictionary, Finance Dictionary, Financial Terms, Lexicography, Lexicographical Functions, Text Reception, User Needs, User Situation, Access Routes, Search Options, Lexicographical Information Costs

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eISSN: 2224-0039
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