H.a. Welker and Pedagogical Lexicography

  • S Tarp


The lexicographer Herbert Andreas Welker's book of more than 500 pages about pedagogical lexicography provides a panoramic overview of the various types of pedagogical dictionaries as well as the corresponding theoretical literature. Welker's method is descriptive, with himself mainly an observer of lexicographical practice and a "collector" of — frequently opposed — opinions and ideas expressed by a large number of scholars. This method allows the reader to become acquainted with an important part of the most relevant literature on pedagogical lexicography which is presented in a systematic and condensed form. Written in Portuguese, the book might perhaps not be so easily accessible to many readers. This review article provides a guided tour through the main contents of this highly recommendable book and discusses some of the most important ideas reproduced in it. Keywords: Pedagogical Lexicography, Pedagogical Dictionaries, Learners' Lexicography, Learners' Dictionaries, School Dictionaries, Children's Dictionaries, Desk Dictionaries, College Dictionaries, Dictionaries For Foreign- Language Learners, Dictionaries For Mother-Tongue Learners, Dictionaries For Learners Of Scientific Disciplines

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