Casamancais versus Sénégalaise: Migration and the Indigene-Settler Conflict in Post-Independence Senegal

  • IN Osemeka
Keywords: Migration, Indigene, Settler, Identity


The distinction between indigenes and settlers is often related to their histories of migration and this has always been a part of the conflict rhetoric in Africa and elsewhere. This paper brings the discussion on migration into the indigene-settler debate in Senegal. It traces the evolution of Casamancais and Senegalese identities, identifying their distinguishing features and examines the factors and effects of migration patterns on the indigene-settler crisis in post independence Senegal. The paper argues that the presence of northern migrants in Casamance increased the consciousness of Casamancais identity but the evolution is attributable to the isolated nature of the Casamance territory as well as the discriminatory policies by the colonial and postcolonial administrations. Consequently, the search for durable peace in Casamance must include efforts that aim at the reconstruction of the Senegalese national identity to reflect local cultures and languages in Casamance.

Keywords: Migration, Indigene, Settler, Identity


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