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Exploring the mindsets of ESP students in the light of locus of control

B Ghonsooly, SE Golparvar


People act according to their beliefs and conceptions. Being aware of these conceptualizations can help us make sound educational decisions. Metaphor analysis is one of the ways in which we can uncover individuals' hidden beliefs. This study aims at investigating the metaphors for language teachers and learners used by students of humanities and students of engineering and the sciences. It attempts to account for the variation in choice of metaphors in terms of variation in locus of control (LOC). One hundred and forty four university students who were taking their ESP courses participated in this study. The metaphors were classified based on the taxonomy developed by the scholars in the field. The results showed that there is a marked difference between the choice of metaphors by the two groups of students and that LOC can explain this difference. The pedagogical implications of these findings are discussed.

Keywords: beliefs, humanities, non-humanities, metaphor analysis, locus of control, internalizers, externalizers

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