Chinchirisi: The Phenomenon of "Spirit Children" Among the Nankani of Northern Ghana

  • RM Amenga-Etego


The identity of the 'spirit child' may be ambiguous, but 'its' place in the experiences and in explaining the intricacies between the human nature and the spirit world remains a vital component of the Nankani religio-cultural system. Yet, in line with the current globalized world, can the Nankani continue to live out all the dynamics surrounding the phenomenon of 'spirit children'? To those who possess the power of identification, it is not about what others say or do, 'it is in our blood', they say. This raises concerns. In what ways and to what extent is this religio-cultural phenomenon a challenge to euthanasia, human rights and rural development in the contemporary society? This paper examines the phenomenon of 'spirit children' from an insider perspective.

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