‘Na Wa o for African Men’: Pragmatic acting in Sir Shina Peters’ Shinamania

  • Adesina B. Sunday
Keywords: Juju, Sir Shina Peters, Shinamania, Pragmeme, Women empowerment


Music performs different functions besides entertainment. This paper explores the sensitising and advocating functions of music with particular focus on Sir Shina Peters’ album Shinamania. I employ Jacob Mey’s pragmeme, a pragmatic analytical tool, to identify the pragmatic acts that are performed in the album. The analysis reveals that, with the practs of ordering, Sir Peters compares the attitudes of African men to African women and advocates women empowerment, predicating his advocacy on the fact that women are beautiful and intelligent. He presents them as more humane and considerate than men. He also eulogises the virtues of women, taking them almost to the pedestal of saints. He uses the pract of warning to balance his presentation, but he appears subjective on the side of women. Consequently, the paper concludes that Sir Shina Peters deploys this album as his commentary on cultural and socio-political peculiarities of Africa.


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