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Globalization and information access tools: the way forward for libraries

M. Yetunde Osunkoya, Jemilat Iyabo Arilesere


Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among people, companies and government of different nations, a process that is an inevitable phenomenon in human history that has been bringing the world closer through information, knowledge, culture and exchange of goods. This globalization has challenges that require the library profession to brace up and face the new challenges so as to render more effective services to library clientele in the globalized environment. It is also a process driven by international trends and investment and it is aided by information technology. This is a process that has affected the environment, culture, political system, economic development and posterity, even physical well-being around the world. Among the many forms of globalization is information and knowledge access and sharing. The purpose of this paper is to ascertain the state of libraries and library service provision in the era of globalization. The research work highlights advantages and disadvantages of globalization using current academic literature, impact of globalization on library services, components of ICT in libraries, information access tools in libraries and types of databases. The objective of this study is to determine those services that have been impacted by globalization and discuss how librarians can make head way in those services for efficiency. The study adopted the desk-based study method in reviewing the literature and conclusion and recommendations were proffered.

Keywords: Globalization; libraries; information; library services; information access tools

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