Availability, Awareness and Use of Electronic Information Resources in Selected Academic Libraries in Lagos State, Nigeria

  • Stella O. Oyediran-Tidings
  • George O. Onyenania
  • Ayodeji A. Owojuyigbe
Keywords: Electronic Resources, Digital Libraries, Students, Lagos-State, Nigeria


There is phenomenal growth in the use of electronic resources all over the world. Unfortunately, reports abound in literature that most African students including Nigerians are yet to fully key into its glowing opportunities globally for self and national development. Thus, this paper investigated the availability, awareness and use of electronic information resources in selected academic libraries in Lagos State, Nigeria.
The survey design was adopted for the study through a structured questionnaire drawn on 300 registered users of the library (students) that were purposively sampled in three Federal higher institutions in Lagos State. 286 copies of thequestionnaire dulycompleted and returnedwere analysed through SPSS (version 20). Major findings reveal inter-alia that: availability, awareness and use of library electronic resources were at low level as significant positive relationship exists among the variables due to several reasons. These includes: skeletal stages of electronic libraries  development, inadequate funding and technical know-how including lack of awareness of available library electronic resources and poor  interpersonal relationship among library staff  and users . Recommendations were made based on the findings.

Keywords: Electronic Resources, Digital Libraries, Students, Lagos-State, Nigeria 


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eISSN: 1596-9487