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Recurrence of Uterine Rupture in a Pseudo-Unicornuate Uterus at 17 Weeks of Amenorrhea: Case Report and Literature Review

S Errarhay, S Mahmoud, C Bouchikhi, H Châara, H Bouguern, MA Melhouf, A Banani


Pregnancy in a rudimentary horn is a very rare condition. It is responsible for several complications. Prognosis is reserved because the natural evolution generally leads to a cataclysmic uterine rupture at the beginning of the second trimester. Classically, the treatment after foetal extraction consists of ablation of the rudimentary horn and associated fallopian tube. We report the obstetric outcome of a patient with history of rudimentary uterine horn rupture, the treatment of which was ablation of the rudimentary horn.

Keywords: Rudimentary uterine horn, Pregnancy, Uterine rupture, Pseudo-unicornuate uterus, Recurrence

Libyan Medical Journal Vol. 4 (1) 2009: pp.53-55

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