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Encrusted and incarcerated urinary bladder catheter: what are the options?

CCK Ho, Y Khandasamy, P Singam, E Hong Goh, ZM Zainuddin


Urinary bladder catheter encrustations are known complications of long-term urinary catheterisation, which is commonly seen in clinical practice. These encrustations can impede deflation of the balloon and therefore cause problems in the removal of the catheter. The options in managing an encrusted and incarcerated urinary bladder catheter include extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy and lithoclast. We describe here another technique of dealing with a stuck and encrustated catheter, via direct crushing of the encrustations with a rigid cystoscope inserted through a suprapubic cystostomy tract.

Keywords: encrustations; bladder; catheter; complications; incarcerated; stuck; urinary
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