Southern Cameroons’ financial contributions to British Second World War efforts

  • A A Lawal


The serious damage done to the British economy during World War II compelled the leaders of the British Government to look for ways of repairing the damage. Hence, they turned to the colonies for help. Inter alia, they needed financial assistance because of their inability to pay for imports from the United States. Imports of food, arms, munitions and other supplies from America into Britain were in excess of Britain’s exports. As the excess must be paid for in dollars, Britain was in ‘dollar crises’ and thereby decided to use the Empire to help in solving the dollar problem. Colonies therefore restricted their dollar imports and increased exports which were directed to Britain and thence-forward re­-exported to the United States. Financial contributions from the colonies and the mandated territories including the Southern Cameroons provided substantial relief to Britain during the war. Other forms of contributions to British war efforts included the mobilisation of the colonial peasants for production of export commodities, massive recruitment drive for military service, propaganda facilties to counteract the German claims, economic blockade against German trade andfinancial assitance to meet the cost of the war.


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