“Re-visiting the Prognostications of Quest & Associates on the Advertising of the Future”

  • C Nwachukwu


When a particular study makes predictions into the future, it is only proper that such predictions be judged by the future itself. Almost two decades after, this paper re-visits the predictions of Quest & Associates of Atlanta, Georgia. The paper attempts an in-depth study of the prognostications of Quest & Associates as published many years ago. It then advances further by juxtaposing the list against the realities of today. This traverses the international scene, and the local Nigerian scene. Indeed, some of the predictions have come true. This is especially so as it concerns ‘advertainment’, higher quality of advertisements, shorter production time, and lower relative cost of production. Others are more interesting advertisements, sharper audience-targeting, tailoring message to media, as well as longer media advertisements. This is a nonnumerical, historical study, which employs both observational and experiential approaches. It has once again proved the need to revisit the past from the vantage point of the future. The study also demonstrates that certain studies have the capacity of not only projecting into the future, but actually presenting credible predictions about the future. This, it would appear, is what Quest & Associates have succeeded in accomplishing, to an appreciable degree.

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eISSN: 0075-7640
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