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Vol 15 (2009) 'Prohibited Migrants': Nigerian Labour Diasporas in Liberia in the 1930s Abstract
OM Osiki
Vol 17 (2011) Ma’atic Beauty: Ethics and Aesthetics of the Ancient Egyptians in Ayi Kwei Armah's Osiris Rising and KMT Abstract
F Mami
Vol 11 (2005) A Bulletin Becomes A Journal: A Short history of Lagos Notes and Records Abstract
H Eghagha, OM Osiki
Vol 17 (2011) A Correlational Analysis of Music Preferences and Behavioural Patterns of Nigerian Adolescents Resident in Enugu Town: Implications towards Development Abstract
II Forchu
Vol 18, No 1 (2012) A Cross-linguistic Analysis of Hyper-ECM constructions Abstract
F Ademola-Adeoye
Vol 17 (2011) A Discourse on the Creative Output of Contemporary Nigerian Musicians and their Place in the Global Community Abstract
O Stephen
Vol 17 (2011) A Study of the Demonization of Black Women and the Myth of Black Female Sexuality in the Prose Narratives of José Lins Do Rego Abstract
EA Omoteso
Vol 17 (2011) A Synthesis of Grice-Strawson‟s, and Putnam‟s Arguments in Defence of the Analytic-Synthetic Distinction Abstract
OR Taye
Vol 12 (2006) Adebisi Sanusi Giwa (?- 1938): The life and career of an Ibadan entrepreneur and community leader Abstract
OC Adesina
Vol 18, No 2 (2012) Aesthetic Philosophies of Yoruba Folk Musical Idioms Abstract
A Adeleke
Vol 15 (2009) Africa and Africans in the Linguistic Worldview of Russians (From the Results of the 'Associative' Experiment) Abstract
FE Ude
Vol 9 (2003) African Philosophy: The question of history Abstract
G Azenabor
Vol 16 (2010) Akitiyan Mutumuwa lori Isamulo EdeYoruba Lawujo Abstract
A Yusuff
Vol 11 (2005) Analysis of a Phonological Variation in Oraukwu Dialect of Igbo: A Case of the Phoneme / Ɩ / for /r/. Abstract
EE Okafor
Vol 15 (2009) Analyzing Yorùbá Bare Nouns as DP Abstract
O Ajiboye
Vol 18, No 1 (2012) Autobiography As Biography: A Commentary on Wole Soyinka’s Creation of Characters in Ake Abstract
TE Afejuku
Vol 18, No 1 (2012) À-ì-Derived Nominals in Yorùbá Abstract
O ̣Ajíbóyè
Vol 18, No 1 (2012) “No Text is an Island”: Intertextuality in the Drama of Hope Eghagha Abstract
BF Afolayan
Vol 18, No 1 (2012) “Re-visiting the Prognostications of Quest & Associates on the Advertising of the Future” Abstract
C Nwachukwu
Vol 10 (2004) “The relevance of sociolinguistic theories to the teaching of English in Nigerian secondary schools” Abstract
A Daramola
Vol 16 (2010) Bitterness on a Sugar Island: British Colonialism and the Socio-Economic Development of Jamaica from 1655- 1750 Abstract
D Aworawo
Vol 17 (2011) Bivalence, Classical Logic and the Problem of Contingent Statements Abstract
OO Badejo
Vol 10 (2004) Book Review: A Cultural History of the Uneme From the Earliest Times to 1962 Abstract
S A Shokpeka
Vol 10 (2004) Book Review: A Dictionary of Yoruba Personal Names Abstract
A Isola
Vol 10 (2004) Book Review: Children of the Eagle Abstract
O Nweke
Vol 11 (2005) Book Review: "Premonitions and other Dreams" Abstract
C Anyokwu
Vol 8 (1999) Bridging the gulf between Social Studies and the other Social Sciences Abstract
J O Shopeju
Vol 17 (2011) Building Ibadan on Ake: Childhood Influence and the Making of Adult Activist in the Autobiographies of Wole Soyinka Abstract
S Olaoluwa
Vol 14 (2008) Celebration in an African City: Civic Ceremonies and Religious Festivities in Colonial Ibadan Abstract
O Adeboye
Vol 17 (2011) Colonial Administrative Reorganizations and Inter-Group Relations in O'kunland Abstract
AT Ekundayo
Vol 14 (2008) Colonial Inheritance, Postcolonial Neglect, and the Management of Nigerian Railway by Rail India Technical and Economic Services (RITES) Abstract
T Ayoola
Vol 18, No 1 (2012) Constructing Gender: An exploration of Nigerian Men’s Conceptualization of Masculinities in Modern Nigerian Drama Abstract
A Nkiruka
Vol 16 (2010) Cooperative principles in a Nigerian Christian Sermon Abstract
EA Adedun, OO Mekiliuwa
Vol 16 (2010) Culinary norms and social cohesion in akachi adimora-ezeigbo's trilogy Abstract
F Ohwovoriole
Vol 8 (1999) Developments in generative grammar and their applications to the study of language in Nigeria Abstract
C Ogbulogo
Vol 8 (1999) D.H. Lawrence's conception of the unconscious Abstract
A E Eruvbetine
Vol 16 (2010) Do witches really exist: A mystical-philosophical evaluation Abstract
JC Ekwealo
Vol 10 (2004) Eke Une as a heroic and mythical epic poem of the Igbo Abstract
C B Nnabuihe
Vol 9 (2003) Evolving national cultural policies for modern African states: Nigeria’s experience and the implementation of its cultural policy at the grassroots Abstract
H B Harunah
Vol 16 (2010) Ewì, Yorùbá Modernity and the Public Space Abstract
O Okunoye
Vol 17 (2011) Exploring Phonetic and Phonological Variation: RP and the Nigerian English Accent Abstract
K Adedeji
Vol 17 (2011) Feminine Melancholia in Gloria Naylor‟s Mama Day: A Kristevan Perspective Abstract
OB Nweke
Vol 17 (2011) Fracturing the Insularity of the Global State: War and Conflict in Moira Buffini's Welcome to Thebes Abstract
O Olasope, S Adeyemi
Vol 14 (2008) From Popular Justice to (Revolutionary) Humanism: Ideological Shifts in Femi Osofisan Abstract
AD Akoh
Vol 8 (1999) Gender in African literature: The politics of exclusion and inclusion Abstract
T A Ezeigbo
Vol 8 (1999) Glimpses of the humorous in T.M. Aluko’s short stories Abstract
E A Babalola
Vol 9 (2003) God, religion and two existentialists: A critical appraisal Abstract
F N Ndubuisi
Vol 15 (2009) Historical Consciousness and Sustainable Development in Nigeria: The Experience of Niger Delta Communities Abstract
KE Orji
Vol 15 (2009) Homosexual Tendencies and Unconscious Determinants: A Lacanian Reading of Ama Ata Aidoo's Our Sister Killjoy: "Reflections from a Black-eyed Squint" Abstract
OB Nweke
Vol 12 (2006) Igbo Political Systems Abstract
E Nwaubani
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