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Evaluation of Social Studies Curriculum on Compassion Dispositions in Students of Colleges of Education in North- West Zone of Nigeria

BM Dalyop


This study examined the impact of social studies curriculum on the affective dispositions of students of Colleges of Education in North-West Zone of Nigeria. The purpose of the study was to determine the level of NCE I and NCE III students’ affective dispositions in the area of compassion. One research question and one hypothesis was advanced for the study. Survey and causal comparative designs were adopted for the study. A sample of 3970 NCE students were carefully selected through a proportionate stratified sampling technique. Questionnaire was developed
and tagged Student-Teachers’ Affective Disposition Rating Scale (SADRS) and used for the study. Data were collected and analyzed using simple percentage, and t-test statistic. Results indicated that, social studies curriculum has significant impact on affective disposition of NCE social studies students. NCE III social studies students exhibited greater level of moderate to high compassion as a result of exposure to social studies curriculum. Based on these findings, the researcher made some recommendations such as inclusion of cultural values that encourage compassion into social studies curriculum among others.

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