University Education and Poverty Dynamics Linkages in Nigeria: A State Level Analysis using Logit and Probit Models

  • OI Osarumwense
Keywords: Poverty, university, probit, logit, education.


Poverty is said to exist when people lacks the means to satisfy their basic needs. Thus, improving the educational attainment of the population is an important requirement to reduce poverty amid the populace and foster development. However, Nigeria with her wealth; she still faces an enormous challenge in her effort to reduce poverty. The aim of this study is to give insight into the factors that affects or influences poverty inspite of attainment of University education in Nigeria. Percentage data from the thirty-six States of the country including the Federal Capital territory Abuja were explored. Results from the probit and Logit models revealed that of all variable analyzed, only percentage of household heads with poor educational background was significant. This connotes that a state with degree educational level of household heads is 0.2 percent more likely to be poor when compare to non-poor degree educational level of household head.

Keyword: Poverty, university, probit, logit, education.


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eISSN: 1813-2227