Mechanisms And Variegated Manifestations Of Inteference In Nigerian English Usage: The Pedagogical Implications

  • Isaac Tamunobelema


Nigerian bilinguals' use of English as a second language is fraught with interference from L1 to L2, a phenomenon that is commonplace world-wide as a linguistic enterprise. But the extent of this trend in bilinguals varies from one language to another based on sociolinguistic and cultural variables. In Nigeria, manifestations of interference in the use of English bilinguals can be clearly noticed in their spoken and written English at the different levels of linguistic description with far-reaching negative consequences. As worrisome as this might be, this is part of efforts to revivify the needful to mitigate its effects on Nigerians. The investigation renders a lucid exposition on interference, its mechanisms and variegated manifestations, and a clear roadmap situated in pedagogical implications.


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eISSN: 1813-2227