Appraisal of Student-Teacher’s Attitude Toward Teaching Profession Across Teacher Training Institutions in Lagos State, Nigeria

  • Oluwatomi M. Alade
  • Sola M. Aletan
  • Olaotan O. Kuku
Keywords: Attitude, Training, Teaching, Educational Institution.


The disposition of teachers within and outside the school will in no little amount positively affect the academic achievement of students. Thus, this paper is a descriptive survey which sought to appraise the attitude of student-teacher’s relationship across teacher training institutes in Lagos State, Nigeria. This study was conducted among; two Colleges of Education in Nigeria awarding Nigerian Certificate in Education; two Faculties of Education in Universities awarding Bachelor of Education; and two Post Graduate Schools in Universities offering Post Graduate Diplomas and Masters in Education, all in Lagos State. Simple Random Sampling was used in selecting six teacher training institutions across the three categories identified. Two research hypotheses guided the study. Student-Teacher Attitude Questionnaire (STAQ) was developed by the researchers and used for data collection. The instrument developed by the researcher has a reliability coefficient of 0.79. Data were analyzed using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). The two hypotheses raised were accepted. The findings revealed that (i) there is no significant difference in the attitude of teachers in training in the three categories of teacher training institutes; (ii) there exist no significant gender difference in the attitude of student teachers towards teaching in the three categories of teacher training institutes towards teaching profession. It was recommended that emphasis should be placed on positive training attitude of student teachers while in training in their respective teacher training institutions among other.

Keywords: Attitude, Training, Teaching, Educational Institution.


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eISSN: 1813-2227