Video Film Piracy in Nigeria: Interfacing to Integrate the Pirate

  • Edet Essien
Keywords: Identification, Interface, Integration, Market Segmentation


One of the worst nightmares of the arts is piracy. It is a single variable that has dealt a serious blow on the development of the arts including the video film industry in Nigeria. Measures, predominantly legislation and enforcement have been taken to up-root the canker worm to no avail. This work examines existing measures for curbing piracy, how to strengthen them and seeks the possibility of integrating and making the pirate part and working for the system. It recommends the adoption of market segmentation policy in integrating the pirate, emphasises the run of video films in cinemas, halls etc before they go into the market and calls for a better synergy between producers and marketers among others.

Key words: Identification, Interface, Integration, Market Segmentation


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eISSN: 1813-2227