Our deities, our strength, the example of Nfam and Oolim in Ogoja Upper Cross River Region of Nigeria

  • James Aboh Ajang


Deities exist as semi-autonomous agents and functionaries in the African “universe,” but the final and absolute authority belongs to God. God therefore in the African context assigns to each of them a department over which to exercises some level of control. The Africans belief that God is too holy to be seen by a sinful and mortal man galvanised God who is all knowing to create deities. However, they (deities) are constantly under the vigilance and control of the Supreme Being to whom they owe obsolete allegiance. The deities act as intermediaries between God and man. They are therefore means to an end and not end to themselves. This research intends to provide answers to the question on whether or not deities are real and what they can do. In doing so, two schools stands out, those who believe and have benefited from them and those who do not believe and see nothing good in them. Two prominent deities of “Nfam” and “Oolim” in Mbube Ogoja area of Cross River region are used. This research adopts a socio-historical approach with emphasis on the local African Setting in conducting this study. Also of importance is an oral interview with local historians and gathering of secondary data from historical sources to buttress the explanation provided herein.

eISSN: 1813-2227