Religion, gender and globalization

  • Eyo Otu Nsa


The theme of this write –up caption ‘Religion, Gender and Globalization’. So, this paper seeks to critically examine religion: its historical viewpoint, it etymological perspectives, various views of scholars to the understanding of religion as well as the impact of religion on the society. It shall also look at gender: gender analysis, gender equality and equity and the impact of gender on the society. It shall further look at globalization and it impact on the society. However, this work shall give the researcher the opportunity to do a critical study through the use of a resource materials and also involving directly in a library research that need the secondary sources of documentation not necessarily the primary sources of documentation that involve the participant’s observation, through issuing of questionnaire or personal interview. As a matter of fact, this is a scholarly research work. So, religion as the key terms simply denotes as a belief in the Transcendental Being or a Supreme Being that has a systematic principle of ‘dogma’ that guide the individual adherent or worshipper in their various religion and gender which deals with the socially determined characteristics of an individual in the society as well as globalization which involve the social structural development in the society. Religion, gender and globalization have a social implication both on the individual and society at large.

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eISSN: 1813-2227