Perceptions of Students and Self- assessment of Lecturers on Written Essay Error Feedback: the Case of the University of Botswana

  • Joel M. Magogwe
  • Eureka E. Mokibelo


This study sought to compare the perceptions of students with the self-assessments of lecturers on written essay error feedback. Overall 153 University of Botswana students and 20 lecturers participated in this study. All the students and 12 lecturers completed different but related questionnaires with both closed and open-ended questions. Of the 153 students, 6 were interviewed; and of the 20 lecturers 8 were also interviewed to supplement the findings of the questionnaire. The findings of the study showed that the both students and lecturers appreciate the usefulness of error feedback. However, in terms of type and amount of feedback there was a difference of opinion. The lecturers claimed that they emphasized all aspects of writing particularly ‘organisation’ (global feedback), whereas the students thought they did not. This study recommends collaboration between lecturers, departments and students to ensure the effectiveness of giving essay writing error feedback.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1813-2227