Lwati: A Journal of Contemporary Research

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The survival of religion in the 21st Century: a critical survey

Eyo Nsa Otu


The aim of this paper is to critically examine the survival of religion from the ancient period to the contemporary society where globalization has overshadowed every activity in the present day. Before now, religious activities were not digitalized as compared to recent developments in spreading religious messages or sensitization via electronic means. Notwithstanding, this research shall present issues such as which that constitute the survival of religion in the 21st century. The essay shall examine various worlds’ religions as their adherents are consistently preserving the religious code for the next generation. Notably, this work will base its research findings on the library research not necessarily on participant observation because the researcher will not be able to visit other world religions because of the locality and time frame of writing this paper. It is on this basis that the work critically based on the objective study of the survival of religion in the present day.

Keywords: Religious Sustenance, Religion in the 21st Century, the survival of Religion

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