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The concept of worship in Islam

Francis Felix Edet


The Concept and Purpose of worship in lslam is unparalleled to any other religion in existence. Worship in Islam combines the mundane and the modern, the internal soul and the external body. As a phenomenon, worship plays an exclusive and dominant role in lslam. Worship in Islam is a vital aspect of the people’s religious life. The supreme significance of worship in Islam may be seen in the Mohammedan view that it has been prescribed by God for all Islamic faithful. In the Quran, it is written: “And assuredly we have sent among every people a messenger” (Quran 16:36). In other words, worship in lslam is a dynamic concept with diverse facets and dimensions. This paper examines this dynamic phenomenon of worship together with its multiplicity of facets proceeding to show in a lucid and succinct manner how worship is conceived as a phenomenon in Islam.

Keywords: Worship, Islam, conception