Creativity and innovation as ways of enhancing socio-political, and economic development of some Nigerian sectors

  • Godwin Ogbu Uka
  • Oswald Chidiebere Onwuekwe
  • Nelson Chibuso Asogwa


Creativity is associated with generation of ideas, innovations and solving of many human problems. It is chiefly associated with the arts and human society. It is believed to have aided in revolutionizing of many modern cities we have today. In Nigeria, creativity is viewed by many as a thing for the artists, thereby ignoring its vast potentials that could be deployed to solve problems in other human fields such as medicine, food and nutrition, education, law, etc. This study focuses on assessing the possibilities of creativity and innovation as vehicles for solving myriad of problems in Nigeria such as corruption, ethnicity,underdevelopment, etc, using a quadrat diagram developed from Getlein (2008). The research method to be applied is descriptive research design and literature review. The findings of this study will reveal that creativity can be applied by artists, doctors, politicians, teachers, and in their various endeavours, to fast-track socio-political, and economic development of Nigeria.


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eISSN: 1813-2227