Post-Saddam Iraq and the Challenges of Peace

  • PE Agbebaku
  • WE Odion
  • WE Odion


The Iraq / United States (US) differences have lasted for quite some time. Iraq, having been branded as one of the three axis-of-evils, is considered a threat to international stability and global security. Within this context, its activities must be regulated to ensure stability and international peace. The irony is that efforts at resolving the Iraqi crisis including the sentence and subsequent execution of Saddam Hussein has not stopped violence and restore peace to the war torn Iraq. This paper therefore examines the causes of Iraq conflict from a theoretical perspective and the challenges posed by the execution of Saddam Hussein, centering on endless violence. The sources of materials and data include textbooks, journals, magazines, newspapers and the internet. The conclusion is that the execution of Saddam has not reduced the level of violence in Iraq but has rather escalated it as efforts made by US and its allies have failed to restore peace to Iraq.

LWATI: A Journal of Contemporary Research Vol. 5 2008: pp. 310-319

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eISSN: 1813-2227