Quality Learning For Adults; What Makes It Desirable? Perceptions and Views of UNISWA Students.

  • G Nyakutse


This study aimed to investigate why adults who had at one time attended a formal school and left, decide to go back to engage in formal education. Our second thrust was what they felt about the courses offered and how these impacted on their felt needs as well as what
hurdles and obstacles stood on their way in this quest. We used a descriptive survey in which a questionnaire was administered to students enrolled in the Certificate and Diploma courses in the University of Swaziland’s Department of Adult Education. Just over 50% of the respondents had been out of the formal system for over 10 years, while 48% gave no reasons why they had left school in the first place. Reasons for delaying going back to school ranged from not having made up one’s mind to fear of failure in the event of one making an attempt. Reasons for going back to school were given as; to be better informed, get a degree and a better paying job and to join the elite group as well as dissatisfaction with their current statuses and hence the need for change and improvement in their lives. They perceived adult education as an escape from a life that they were dissatisfied with
and a gateway to an improved life characterised by better pay. 99% were happy with both the courses offered as they were immediately applicable and impacted positively on their job performances and the instructional methods used by their lectures, citing the fact that
contact hours were characterised by lots of discussions and participation by students.

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eISSN: 1813-2227