The Inevitability of Crisis in Human Existence

  • JO Ogunkoya


This paper examines the nature of crisis and attempts to argue the thesis that the total removal of crisis from the world is tantamount to the removal of the human species from the surface of the earth and ultimately the end of the existence of society. It is reasoned that human development is essentially anchored on the ability of the human person to devise methods of surmounting problems that are encountered in society. Therefore, the idea of fashioning the world in an orderly manner characterized by absolute peace without any upsurge of crisis whatsoever is an expectation of a paradise on earth, where absolute perfection would be a mark of identity of its inhabitants. Such an expectation, though it holds sway only in the religious arena, is not only a fantasy but also an unreliable hope which is doomed to fail at the onset. I argue that human existence itself is crisis, a phenomenon which dictates the spate of societal progress and development.

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eISSN: 1813-2227