The Influence of Media Coverage of Religious Crises in Nigeria: A Case Study of the Mohammed Cartoon Riots.

  • PM Lere


Cases of religious crises abound globally. The influence of religious crises have been enormous the world over. To say that media reports of religious crises cause serious religious tension around the world is an under-statement. The case of Nigeria is not different. That religion in Nigeria has not only become sensitive in nature, but that it has resulted to violent crises leading to huge destruction of lives and properties is not in doubt. This is seen in the series of religious crises that engulf the country in the past three decades. This paper explores the role of media in covering religious conflict in the country. The paper focuses on the Mohammed Cartoon Riots in Nigeria.( ). It also explores peoples opinion on media reports of religious conflict in Nigeria. The question is what role the media coverage of religious crises plays in calming or igniting religious tension in Nigeria. What are people’s attitudes on hearing reports of religious restiveness over the media? How has the media helped in curbing religious tension in the country? To achieve this, the author makes use of materials published from different media houses like the radio, television, national dailies, and publication from other authors who have written on similar issues. The outcome of the findings will be disseminated to the public for the
benefit of the media institutions,(both government and privately owned media houses), journalists, the government and individuals.

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