Knowledge of Organizational Behaviour and Enhancement of Corporate Performance in Nigeria

  • S.B.C Iheanacho
  • J.E Bassey
  • C.V.O Eneji


The purpose of this study is to do a critical examination of the knowledge of organizational behaviour and how its application could enhance corporate performance in Nigeria. It is found, among other things, that all the theories of organizations are based on a philosophy of science and on a Theory of Society. These philosophies of Science diverge on the answer of Ontology, Epistemology, human nature and methodology. It was recommended, among other things, that the individual, the group, the form of inexplicable dynamics, the shape the main organization. Reality different modes of thoughts have been advanced by a variety of thinkers. Models of organizational behaviour are pivotal to the employer’s ability to intensely understand the employees for organizational goal attainment. The individual, the group, the formal organization and the environment are unexcitable dynamics that shape the organizational behaviour for these components, even with their distinct identities, interact in a synergic manner to bring about the concept of organizational behaviour.

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eISSN: 1813-2227