Lwati: A Journal of Contemporary Research

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Corruption and Development in Nigeria: Matters Arising

Jebbin Maclean Felix, Good Wilson


The paper examines the link between corruption and development, using a contextual analysis of the Nigerian experience from Independence (1960) to this present day (2010). It conceptualizes corruption as “putrefaction, tainting, debasement, perversion or venality, spoiling, destruction of purity or falling away from standard of integrity or rectitude defined by law, upheld by social norms or conscience or recognized by the general conscience of mankind. It discovers the pervasiveness of corruption in all the various administration of the country military and civilian alike. Corruption is an albatross in the wheel of the country’s development. The paper argues that given the kid gloves with which corruption is treated in Nigeria every development effort will continue to fail and Nigeria will die if the necessary steps are not taking. Corruption is therefore anti-developmental because all the indices of development are affected negatively by it. As a way forward the paper recommends attitudinal change of the people, aggressive campaign against corruption, rebranding of the anti-graft agencies and an independent judiciary.

LWATI: A Journal of Contemporary Research, 8(3), 253-266, 2011

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