Mobilization and Empowerment of Women towards Micro-Credit Scheme in Akure, Nigeria

  • Yemisi Lydia Olaleye


The study examined mobilization and empowerment of women towards micro-credit scheme. This is with a view to establishing the level of socio-economic well-being and how women can be mobilized and empowered through micro-credit scheme. A structured survey instrument was used in collecting data from a sample of 500 respondents for the study. Data collected were analyzed using Pearson coefficient correlation analysis. The study revealed that there was a insignificant negative correlation (r=-0.022, p>0.005) between micro-credit and demographic status of respondents. The study established that there was significant relationship between empowerment of targeted women and micro-credit scheme (r-.142, N= 500, P<.05) It also revealed that there was significant relationship between micro-credit scheme and mobilization of women (r = .140, N = 500, P< .05). The study revealed that microcredit had significant relationship on household position and roles, ascribed gender roles and power relations (r = 0.089,P<0.05, N = 500). Also there is significant positive correlation (r=0.424, p<0.005, n=500) between participation in micro-credit scheme and need satisfaction of respondents. This study concluded that mobilization and empowerment is central to development activities and that it is one of the priority long term solutions to providing the necessary capacity and conditions for sustainable social development. This study, therefore, recommended that micro-credit scheme should be introduced by forming viable people’s organizations with bottom-up approach in order to mobilize and empower women who will serve as means of reducing poverty. Also, the process of mobilization and empowerment should be conceptualized more broadly so that the group can perform more encompassing roles.

Keywords: Mobilization, empowerment of women, micro-credit scheme, Nigeria

LWATI: A Journal of Contemporary Research, 8(3), 306-320, 2011

Author Biography

Yemisi Lydia Olaleye
Department of Social Work, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria

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eISSN: 1813-2227