Politics of Deceit and Reality in Africa: A Study of Joseph Edoki’s The African Dream

  • Francis Oseghale


Politics and political activities have been very important issues that most critics and literary writers have devoted their attention in Africa. Political matter is a very prominent topic of contemporary scholarship. This is due to the fact that African literary works, being reflections of the debased and unholy political activities of the African society, have replicated this picture. Writers always write to reflect the prevailing conditions in their society. So, most African writers deal with the political, social and economic decay ravaging the African continent as a result of the insensitive nature of our political leaders. These problems range from bribery and corruption by the political leaders and government officials, economic deprivation of the plebeians, the tendency to loot and embezzle government funds, the naked lust for power and wealth, the rigging and manipulation of election results, the killing, maiming and burning of political opponents property, perpetuation of tribalism and tribal hegemony and the general pauperization of the masses. All these are as a result of the recklessness, inordinate ambition and inhuman nature of African political leaders. Problems emanating from poor political leadership in Africa form the core of exploration in writings by Joseph Edoki as shown in his novel The African Dream. Edoki not only highlights these heinous crimes by African political leaders, he also provides practical solutions to these problems.

LWATI: A Journal of Contemporary Research, 9(1), 177-185, 2012

Author Biography

Francis Oseghale
Faculty of Arts, Department of English, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Nigeria

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eISSN: 1813-2227