Citizenship Education for Liberation in Nigeria

  • JO Ogunbiyi
  • OS Oludeyi
Keywords: Higher education for development, Sustainability, Lifelong learning.


Across the globe, nations face a problem of low levels of civic consciousness and prevalence of harmful stereotypes like ethno-religious intolerance, prejudice and crises. In many parts of the world, these have degenerated into political crises, youth hooliganisms, prostitution, examinations malpractices, rape victimisation, terrorism and national insecurity. In the Nigerian context, these vices truncate the practical and transparent democratic governance while threatening the country’s federalism and cohesion. Since the purpose of any functional education is to enlighten and liberate the beneficiaries, ensuring that they live a sustainable life while contributing meaningfully to the upkeep of their immediate community, this paper takes a look at citizenship liberation using qualitative civic education. It examines, inter alia, the aims and objectives of qualitative citizenship education and how the principles of civic education can be instilled in the citizens for liberation and peaceful co-existence. The paper further discusses how the spirit of patriotism, unity, love and oneness can be installed in the minds of Nigerians and how they can serve as a lubricant to the wheel of socio-political and economic progress of the nation through adequate citizenship education.

Keywords: Higher education for development; Sustainability; Lifelong learning.


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