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Discourse on the values transmitted in universities Uganda

Anthony Mugagga Muwagga
Christopher B. Mugimu
Peter Mpiso Ssenkusu
Wcliff Scot Wafula


For a long time, the suitability of the knowledge and values offered in African universities has been a matter of notable controversy, especially in the context of liberalization of university education. This paper reports the findings of a study that was conducted to contribute to discussion on the subject. The study delved into the values transmitted in Universities in Uganda. Data were collected from a sample of 850 respondents who were drawn from faith-based, for–profit and public universities in the country. It was found that material, social/ public, personal and religious values are transmitted to students in the selected universities. This finding is discussed with the conclusion that a valueconstrained university arena is a recipe for many counter values and does not promote true university education.

Keywords: Philosophy of higher education; Liberalisation; Curriculum reform