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Rethinking Teacher Education towards Producing Critical and Creative-Minded Educators in Nigeria

Patrick O Akinsanya, Emmanuel S Osiyemi


This paper discusses the training of the Nigerian pedagogue. It contends that the curriculum used to prepare the Nigerian pedagogue must be enriched with the capacity to produce critical and creative teachers who will, in turn, produce critical and creative Nigerians. This will be beneficial to the education system, for the latter will henceforth be managed by stakeholders who possess the ability to innovate the system. Such a system will automatically be rid of robots and fuddy-duddies. The paper suggests three options to rejuvenating the teacher education curriculum: infusing a new course on ‘Logic and Aesthetics’ into the teacher education curriculum; strengthening the philosophy of education component of teacher training courses and making it core; modifying the existing general course on ‘Philosophy & Logic’ into ‘Philosophy, Logic & Aesthetics’; and enriching the content in such a way that it can instil both criticality and creativity.

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