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Strategic management in institutions of higher learning: the case of Makerere University

Y Olum


The strategic perspective in which an institution of higher learning is managed aims at ensuring that clear goals and objectives are specified by moving away from routine traditional orientation to management by considering in a systematic way, longer–term considerations of the very future of the institution. In the case of a higher institution of learning such as Makerere University, the Vice Chancellor, as the Chief Executive Officer, has to manage the institution with a sense of strategy where strategy is concerned with positioning the institution to face an increasingly uncertain future-in mind. The article argues that Makerere University, which over the last two or so decades, has expanded exponentially in terms of student numbers and programmes amidst scarce resources, requires its management to constantly have an idea of optimising resources to gain its objectives and by following instructions while taking into account the institution's externalities. Short of this key strategy, the University is bound to experience extreme difficulties in attaining its gaols and objectives as well as its mission and vision.

Makerere Journal of Higher Education Vol. 1, 2004: 13-24

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eISSN: 2707-6113
print ISSN: 1816-6822