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Ethical issues in the marketisation of education: the case for social justice and market-oriented reforms in Uganda's higher education

Karim Ssesanga


The article examines the case of social justice and marketisation /commodification of higher education in Uganda. It argues that in order to underscore ethical issues posed by educational markets particularly in the area of social justice, it is prudent to revisit the salient principles of social justice as well as the ideological assumptions underpinning educational markets. Consequently, a view is explicated: That contemporary market driven reforms to higher education in Uganda will result in the relegation and de-emphasis of educational ideals. In turn, it is concluded that ethical issues inherent in a change of philosophy from the individual student, representing a pedagogical orientation, to business efficiency representing a managerialist orientation are a human tragedy that warrant concern and scholarly scrutiny.

Makerere Journal of Higher Education Vol. 1, 2004: 71-84

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eISSN: 2707-6113
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