Constructivism and mathematics education in Ghana

  • JA Fletcher Senior Lecturer in Mathematical Education, University of Cape Coast, Ghana


Mathematics is a subject found in every school Curriculum in almost every country. Here in Ghana, mathematics is a compulsory subject in both the basic education (i.e. primary and junior secondary) and senior secondary curricula. This paper argues that in spite of the desire of mathematics educators in Ghana to pursue a constructivist agenda with regard to the teaching and learning of mathematics, mathematics teachers at the basic and senior secondary levels continue to place undue emphasis on memorisation and 'imitation' rather than understanding and explaining. The difficulties involved in making the switch from the transmission approach to mathematics teaching to activity-based approaches include counteracting the effect of an examination system which encourages rote learning and recall of facts, lack of expertise among teachers of mathematics and teachers' resistance to change.

Mathematics Connection Vol. 5 2005: 29-36

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eISSN: 0855-4706