Critical analysis of the policy practice of mathematics education in Ghana

  • MJ Nabie Department of Mathematics Education, UCEW, Winneba, Ghana
  • PT Kolorah-Ekpale Ghana Education Service District Directorate, Winneba, Ghana


Ensuring a smooth mathematics education programme requires the formulation and implementation of appropriate instructional policies. This study is a survey of some practices of the instructional policies and their influence on mathematics education. Completed Basic School Annual Census (CBSAC) forms and unstructured interviews were used to collect data. In the study, 2364 pupils in 33 classes and 140 teachers were involved. The study showed that instructional policies lack the consensus of those who implement them. They also lack support and monitoring. The paper recommends public debate, adequate support and a body for periodic evaluation of instructional policies at all levels.

Mathematics Connection Vol. 4 2004: 15-25

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eISSN: 0855-4706