Preliminary Study on the Impact of Water Quality and Irrigation Practices on Soil Salinity and Crop Production, Gergera Watershed, Atsbi-Wonberta, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

  • Y Bekele
  • N Tadesse
  • B Konka


Possible long term effects on soil salinity and crop production due to the quality of water and irrigation practices is assessed in an area in Gergera Watershed in Atsbi-Wonberta, Tigray, northern Ethiopia. Ten water  samples collected from hand-dug wells and small household ponds, and thirty soil samples from different depths up to ~100cm were tested for  various parameters such as TDS, pH, anions and cations. Data indicate that both water and soil in terms of quality are acceptable for irrigation  purposes. However, at present the soil salinity is not a serious issue but the data suggests its possible increase with time as indicated by two samples. Some of the issues such as use of sprinklers, organic manure, blending, seasonal crops are discussed in the light of maintaining the  required quality, proper utilization of soil and water resources, and for sustainable development.

Keywords: Watershed, Water quality, Soil quality, Hand-dug wells, House-hold Ponds.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2220-184X
print ISSN: 2073-073X