Unexpected diversity: ten new species of Homadaula Lower, 1899 from Africa and the Arabian Peninsula (Galacticoidea: Galacticidae)

  • Wolfram Mey
Keywords: Taxonomy, faunistics, biogeography, Africa, Arabian Peninsula, new species descriptions, Acacia trees


The study of African material of the genus Homadaula obtained from collections of European lepidopterists and museum collections yielded the discovery of 10 unknown species, which are described herein as: Homadaula aarviki sp. nov., Homadaula agassizi sp. nov., Homadaula arabica sp. nov., Homadaula deprinsorum sp. nov., Homadaula gabonensis sp. nov., Homadaula larseni sp. nov., Homadaula malawiensis sp. nov., Homadaula peregovitsi sp. nov., Homadaula saharaensis sp. nov. and Homadaula taraktica sp. nov. Two species was left undescribed because only female individuals were available. The male and the female genitalia are illustrated and images of the moths are provided. New records of six previously described species are presented.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2307-5031